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Vergina High School 2
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Bus Stop Name: Vergina High School 2
Location: Larnaca

Close to attractions:  Not Specified
Close to city center:  Not Specified
Close to hotels:  Not Specified
Close to schools:  Not Specified
Close to shops:  Not Specified
Close to village center:  Not Specified
Covered:  Not Specified

Available Buses from Vergina High School 2

Larnaca Rural Buses   408B
Kofinou Station - Anglisides - Vergina- Rizoelia
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Larnaca Buses   420
Larnaca Station - Kamares - Kalo Chorio
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Larnaca Rural Buses   410
Larnaca Station - Vergina Lyceum- Kalo Chorio- Delikipos
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Larnaca Rural Buses   412
Larnaca Station - Alethriko - Anglisides - Anafotia - Alaminos
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Larnaca Buses   413
Kivisili - Alethriko - Klavdia - Vergina SC - Larnaca Station
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