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Larnaka Airport
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Bus Stop Name: Larnaka Airport
Location: Larnaca

Close to attractions:  yes
Close to city center:  Not Specified
Close to hotels:  Not Specified
Close to schools:  Not Specified
Close to shops:  Not Specified
Close to village center:  Not Specified
Covered:  Not Specified

Available Buses from Larnaka Airport

Larnaca Buses   425
Dekeleia - K.O.T. - Larnaca Station - Makenzy - Airport
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Larnaca Buses   429
Larnaca Station - Airport - Faro - Tekke
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Larnaca Night Buses   446
Nightly Larnaca Station - Makenzy - Dromoloxia - Tersefanou - Kiti - Pervolia
View Details
Larnaca Night Buses   456
Nightly Vasiliko - Mari - Zygi - Tourist Area Pentaschinos - Mazotos - Kiti - Meneou - Airport - Larnaka Station
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Larnaca Buses   407
Larnaca Station - Airport - Meneou - Kiti - Mazotos - Tourist Area Pentaschinos - Zygi - Vasiliko - Mari - Nautical Base
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Larnaca Buses   Limassol Airport Express (Larnaca)
Limassol to Larnaca Airport Express
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Nicosia Buses   Kapnos Airport Shuttle Nicosia - Larnaca
Larnaca Airport bus shuttle service to Nicosia (Kapnos Airport Shuttle)
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Paphos airport buses and airport shuttle   Kapnos Airports Shuttle
Shuttle bus service between Larnaca airport and Paphos airport (Kapnos Airport Shuttle)
View Details
Larnaca Buses   430
Larnaca Station - Airport - Kiti - Pervolia
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Larnaca Buses   431
Larnaca Station -Airport - Housing Estates Meneou - Housing Estates Dromolaxia
View Details
Larnaca Buses   432
Larnaca Station - Airport - Dromoloxia - Housing Estates Kiti - Tersefanou
View Details
Larnaca Buses   425
Larnaca Station - Foinikoudes - Makenzy - Airport
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Larnaca Buses   429
Meneou - Tekke - Faros - Airport - Larnaca Station
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