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Guide to camping in Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island in the eastern Mediterranean meaning there are many camping opportunities all over the island. Camping in Cyprus should be well organised and prepared for the worst and best situations, doing this is a great way to recuperate and observe the nature and wildlife that Cyprus has to offer. If you are planning to fly over to Cyprus then here is a guide on where to go to and set up camp, why to go there what you can do and the essentials to bring along for a more enjoyable experience whilst you are camping.


Where to camp in cyprus?

In Cyprus, there are many camping spots scattered across the island, however, this makes the situation a lot harder to handle on where to camp. This guide is going to show you in the best places to set up your tent:


All of these camping sites listed here have a common factor that the view is “breathtaking” or “beautiful”.These nine camping spots have everything you are looking for with amazing views to offer by the sea, forest and countryside for miles giving you the full experience and pleasure of camping in Cyprus. Also, you get the opportunity of meeting the local and other tourists to connect with adding up your experience to be better than imagined.


Camping sites usually offer corresponding facilities such as camping places, parking and sanitary facilities, drinking water, tables, barbecues and children playgrounds while in some of the electricity, baths and kitchens.


What do you need to bring when camping in Cyprus?

It's never wrong to be too prepared when camping which is why it is important to know what you have to bring along for the trip so that you are having the best time you can possibly have.


When it comes to camping, everyone thinks of sitting around a nice campfire, but wood to burn is not always so abundant, which could leave an unprepared camper cold & without a fire, so make sure to bring your own wood or a tent heater to prevent this problem from occurring.


Other essentials for the trip would be things like: a tent so you have somewhere to sleep, comfortable sleeping bags or camping beds so you can sleep comfortably, torches for navigating in the dark and everything else you’d expect to need whilst camping.


Camping can be dangerous depending on how prepared you are so this is why it's very important to keep organised and have all the camping gadgets you need! Luckily, using sites like Gear Hungry we have this list of essentials that you should bring along with you.


  • A Sturdy Tent & Tent Accessories
  • Supply of Food & Bottled Water
  • A Sleeping Bag or Camp Cot
  • A Powerful Flashlight
  • A Camping Knife or Multi Tool
  • A Camping Chair
  • A Camping Stove
  • Matches or a Lighter
  • First Aid Kit
  • Portable Power Bank


What you can do/activities  

In Cyprus, there are countless activities or fun things to do to give you or your family an amazing time on their holiday. In lovely places to visit while camping you can lay down and look at up at the stars or observe the wildlife that Cyprus has to offer.


On the campsites, some will come with barbecue facilities as well as picnic areas and kayaking to swim along the clear blue waters. In Governors Beach, you can visit the restaurants and unwind with the relaxing view right in front of the bar.


There is also a lot more to do, with vibrant towns to visit, beaches to relax at, ocean to swim in and plenty of island to explore. Cyprus has a great nightlife and plenty for families to do, meaning that whoever ventures over to camp will have something to do.


Overall this is all the basic information you'll need for camping in Cyprus, this guide should give you a great experience for your camping trip. Either you can visit the different camping sites we showed you, or find your own campsite to set up in.



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