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Larnaca International Airport to Agia Napa Monastery 1
Larnaca International Airport to Foinikoudes - Larnaka Marina
Agia Napa Monastery 1 to Larnaca International Airport
Larnaca International Airport to Kato Paphos Station
Larnaka Airport to Agia Napa Monastery 1
Foinikoudes - Larnaka Marina to Larnaca International Airport
Paphos International Airport to Larnaca International Airport
Larnaca International Airport to Agia Napa
Larnaca International Airport to Paphos International Airport
Kato Paphos Station to Larnaca International Airport

Cyprus Public Transport Buses

Cyprus By Bus is a website that provides information about public transport buses, bus routes and bus time tables in Cyprus. Browse all available bus routes in Cyprus or plan your journey between two different bus stops using the public transport bus service.

Information provided on this website is information originally published by the bus organizations such us EMEL (Limassol), OSYPA LTD (Paphos), OSEL (Nicosia), Zinonas Buses (Larnaca), OSEA (Famagusta), Limassol Airport Express, Cyprus Intercity Buses etc. Information provided by these organizations is collected, processed and now available on this website. Please note that there may be cases where information is not updated immediately.

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