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5 Reasons To Visit Cyprus This Summer

When it comes to summer holidays, we can often find ourselves visiting the same locations over and over again, whether that is Spain, Greece, Italy or another sun-blessed country. For a bit of variation, why not visit Cyprus this summer? The weather is second to none, it’s full of rich, admirable culture and the landmarks are simply unmissable! If you’re looking for any more reasons to visit this stunning European country this year, pack your swimsuits, renew EHIC card and carry on reading!

It’s The 5th Safest Country In The World

According to a survey conducted in 2016, Cyprus is the 5th safest country in the world, so you can definitely rest assured that you’re in safe hands when visiting Cyprus this summer. In a world seemingly filled with suffering, it can be daunting to book a holiday abroad and actually feel safe and protected from harm. Luckily for you however, Cyprus is able to provide you with that reassurance, so you can enjoy your much-deserved break without worry.

Renowned For Incredible Parties

Perhaps you’re from a younger generation – what will you be looking for from your summer holiday? Chances are it’ll involve a lot of partying, which is something Cyprus is renowned for! If you’re unsure about where exactly though, look no further than Ayia Napa, one of the top party districts in the world. Regardless of whether its day or night, this city never sleeps, so you can let your hair down 24/7, which is what holidays are for! Putting Ayia Napa aside, you could also visit Paphos, also known as ‘Bar Street’.

Stunning Beaches

When you’re not going wild in the night clubs, you could instead unwind on some of the most stunning beaches known to man. Nissi Beach in particular is breath-taking, and has even been voted as no.1 by TripAdvisor. In addition, another Cyprus beach Fig Tree bay was voted third, so there really is no end to the stunning beach beauty that Cyprus holds. While day times are purely for relaxation, come nightfall, you can socialise at the taverns by the turquoise ocean, or even taste some of the famous Cypriot seafood.

Authentic History & Culture

Sometimes, you may only have the opportunity to visit a location once, so it’s crucial that you spend as much time admiring it as possible. When in Cyprus this summer, take some time out to visit the ancient history and culture, giving you a taste of what it was like in the ancient Greek times, and even the medieval era back many centuries ago. Sure, the waterparks make amazing tourist attractions, but you won’t find their rich culture anywhere else.

Hidden Beauty

For many people, the word ‘Cyprus’ brings the images of stunning beaches and scorching hot suns, but Cyprus has so much more to offer tourists, including the complete opposite to that! Instead, if you really spend some time exploring the country, you’ll learn that its home to a skiing resort, located on the Troodos Mountains, so you can have the best of both worlds while in Cyprus for your summer holiday. If you’re sick of sun and cocktails, you can venture off to this ski resort and try your luck at skiing for snowboarding, while admiring the unexpected but gorgeous snowy landscape.

Hopefully, after reading this post, you’ll feel more inclined to visit Cyprus this summer, and why not? With so much on offer, from award-winning sandy beaches to unbelievable ski resorts, you certainly won’t be short for activities when visiting Cyprus.

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