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5 Best Places to Visit on Cyprus for Students

No matter what age you are or what occupation you take, traveling is undoubtedly good for you. Not only it’s fun and adventurous, but it also provides some unforgettable experiences, broadens your horizons, and even manages to improve your mental and physical health. While traveling is often regarded as a great way for elderly people to actively spend their time, it’s also extremely useful for young people and students in particular. With the time seemingly passing longer, you, as a young person, have so many opportunities to take and so many places to visit. The only problem for you might only be deciding where to start.


Why Cyprus is Great for That?


Cyprus is one of those paradise islands scattered throughout the Earth, yet with just a little bit more civilization than most of the other ones. Resting in the Mediterranean Seas, between Egypt and Turkey, Cyprus is a wondrous place primarily because of the blend of cultures it manifests. With the antique aesthetics of Greek culture, simplicity of Egyptian shapes, and curvy Turkish motifs in architecture, Cyprus is certainly a feast for the eyes. At the same time, its nature is quite typical for a paradise island further enhances that experience as well as lets you go into the wilderness and truly relax, meditate, and reconsider many things in your life.


While theoretically, you can ride all over the island by bus in just one day, there are still some places worth staying at for a while. All of them are either extremely exotic or represent a fascinating and very colorful blend between different cultures. So, check out to finish all your assignments, buckle up, and prepare for the journey of your life. Cyprus is the place to give you that and even more.


  1. Avakas Gorge. This is one of the best examples of the natural beauty of Cyprus. Located around 30 minutes drive away from Paphos, Avakas Gorge demonstrates an ancient historic river that once went dry forever exposing the beautiful landscapes that formed in, perhaps, prehistoric time. If you want to see natural history in one of its most vivid and beautiful manifestations, this place is just for you.
  2. Akamas Peninsula National Park. Another example of the natural beauty of the island, untouched by centuries, yet slightly civilized for the tourists not to get lost and be able to learn more about the island and its history. With a number of paths that you can take, a huge area to explore, and very beautiful sights to see, Akamas Peninsula National Park is a must-visit. This is one of those places you will certainly write your summer trip essay about. Just check out the essay samples about Cyprus on Grab My Essay and see for yourself. This experience is worth the try and maybe even the whole trip.
  3. The Baths of Aphrodite. Located within Akamas Peninsula National Park, the Baths of Aphrodite is often regarded as one of the most mystical and fascinating places of Cyprus and of the Mediterranean. The legendary Baths of Aphrodite are located near the end of Chrysochous Valley with a rocky grotto and a gentle waterfall flowing in the pool underneath. While you won’t be able to swim or take the legendary bath, you’ll certainly see one of the most beautiful sights on our planet.
  4. Troodos Mountains. If you feel like you’ve had enough sights in the close range, you can climb the Troodos Mountains to get some panoramic views. At the same time, if you decide to take a hike through the mountains, you’ll not regret it at all. For the wild nature, you’ll have Caledonia Falls and a number of historic mountain trails. On the other hand, you’ll also see the cozy and charming Troodos Mountains settlements, all of which emit the vibe of ancient history.
  5. Larnaca. Finally, if you’re interested in staying in the civilization and, at the same time, take a look at its historic sights, then you should certainly visit Larnaca. Being one of the most ancient cities in Cyprus and, perhaps, in the world, Larnaca spots a more than one thousand years-old Church of St. Lazarus that will impress you with its simplicity and beauty as well as Larnaca Salt Lake.


The Beauty of Ancient Human Civilization in One Place


While most of the historical sights of Cyprus are from Greek culture and civilization, the island still manifests the beauty of the ancient world, in many parts, well-preserved and, at the same time, mystical. From the panoramic picturesque views of the island’s nature to the charming cities and towns that vibe with the ancient culture and offer some of the best tourist treats of modern civilization. Cyprus is a wonderful place to visit, not only because you’ll definitely see much but also because you’ll have many things to tell.




Throughout his writing career, Mark Blackwood has traveled a lot for his assignments, so, he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to going places. Enjoying a status of a successful author, he still takes a trip once in a while to see if anything has changed since his last visit and share all interesting findings with you. Mark believes that by doing so, he lets others enjoy his travels along with him, which is one of the things Mark enjoys the most.

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