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Famagusta Gate

  Места для посещения на автобусе   Никосия  Туристические достопримечательности

Famagusta Gate is the largest gate of the three gates of the walls of Nicosia. It was designed by Giuliani and built in 1567 by the Venetians. Travellers could entered and live the city from the easy of the island. During the Ottoman period only Turks were allowed to pass the gate on their horses while Cypriots had to walk. During the British Colonial it was used as a warehouse for fuel and other materials. In 1980, the gate was restored by the Nicosia council and nowadays it is been used for exhibitions.

Originally it was called by the Venetians "Porta Guiliana" in honour of the military engineer who designed the wall, Count Savorgnano. In those days, the Gate was also known as "Porta di Sotto" (Lower Gate), because of the difference in level from the outside. The Turks in their turn called it "Taht-el-kaleh".

Once it served no military purpose, Famagusta Gate became just one of the entrances into the city of Nicosia, though clearly a colourful one; an intriguing landmark and market place.

Throughout its long history the Gate witnessed the ups and downs of the city, and the sorrows and happy occasions of its travellers and its people. As late as seventy years ago it was still used as an "entry" to the city. An English traveller who went through it in 1855 describes his vivid impressions "....We had arrived at the Famagusta Gate, the handsomest of the three gates of the town; to all appearances it was a subterranean passage, for no sooner had we passed through its massive portals before we were enveloped in mistry obscurity. As the eye got accustomed to the darkness however, objects worthy of admiration and surprise presented themselves. Suddenly we came upon day-light again and found ourselves riding under a lofty cupola in the center of which was a circular opening which admitted the light. Round this sundry small tradsmen of speculative turn had established small booths where coffee, milk, bread and sherbet, and many other oriental dainties and requisites were temptingly displayed for sale..."

Famagusta Gate has been Nicosia's Cultural Center for the past few years, and during this time it has attracted the warm interest of the people of our city.

Famagusta Gate in Nicosia
    Famagusta Gate

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