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Using buses to travel around Cyprus


Cyprus, otherwise known as the island of Aphrodite, is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, located in the Eastern Mediterranean. It is renowned for its stunning and luscious scenery, beautiful beaches, and its extensive and rich culture and heritage. Tourists can be seen flocking to this little paradise in the thousands every summer and it is easy to see why. Of course, there are many ways of traversing the many gorgeous locations it has to offer but in this article we will discuss the many benefits of one of the most popular ways to travel: by bus. 


Travelling around Cyprus by bus can be one of the most comfortable means of doing so since most buses in the modern age are equipped with air-conditioning cooling systems and comfortable seating. This is very important considering the high temperatures that can be felt during the hot months of summer on the island. Wi-Fi is another modern con featured in buses which allows passengers to stay connected throughout the journey and have access to that all-important google maps app. So for those wanting to travel in comfort and style, this makes it a great option.


The network of buses on the island is very comprehensive and extensive making bus travel yet another advantage. Buses operate frequently on very convenient schedules and can be used to reach all the major cities and destinations on the island. This makes planning your trip to your preferred destination a piece of cake. What's more, you can easily find a bus station as they are generously spread out in most major towns and cities making your experience a breeze.


One of the most note-worthy perks of using a bus as your means of transportation is the cost involved. Fares in Cyprus are extremely affordable, making it a very reasonable choice for those travelling on a tight budget. This is a great advantage as it frees up funds to be enjoyed on other luxuries like lounging on the many stunning beaches or dining out at one of the many famed restaurants. Furthermore for students, retirees, or those who are generally more mindful of their spending habits, travelling by bus is the way to go!


If you are one who is conscious of their carbon footprint on the planet then fret not, bus travel is one of the more eco-friendly travel options available on the island. By choosing a mode of transport that produces less greenhouse gases per passenger than cars or planes, you can rest assured that you will help significantly in reducing carbon emissions, air pollution and traffic congestion making bus travel the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious among us.


As we mentioned before Cyprus is a beautiful and captivating island with much to see and explore including a plethora of breathtaking landscapes. Choosing the trusty bus as your mode of transportation will give you the opportunity to enjoy and relish the island’s scenic beauty while on the move. Whether traversing through the luscious mountains, tranquil lakes or sun-kissed beaches, rest assured, you can sit back and indulge in all the stunning beauty Cyprus has to offer.

Cultural Experience

Experiencing the way of life of the locals, and the island’s culture is also possible by commuting by bus. As buses are also used by many of the locals, it is a great opportunity to meet and interact with them thus gaining some insight about their daily lives. On a similar note, some buses even play traditional folklore music giving travellers another glimpse into the feel and vibe of the island. As such, bus travel is a fantastic way of immersing yourself in the rich culture of Cyprus and its people.


Bus travel is also one of the safest modes of travel. Thanks to the efforts of the engineering personnel and staff responsible behind the maintenance of the Cypriot buses, by default they all come equipped with robust safety features such as seat belts, airbags and emergency brakes. Drivers are also experienced and well-versed in this area, which further guarantees passengers’ safety. Additionally bus routes are well-lit and patrolled by police during the night making the experience very secure and reliable. 


Bus-hopping is also a very flexible experience on the island for those adventurous last-minute trippers. As we mentioned before, buses run extremely regularly to most of the island's destinations, so you can plan your trip to your own schedule and convenience. Some bus routes even offer express services which allows even more flexibility to your agenda.

Meet new people

Another great benefit of travelling via bus is the opportunity to meet your fellow travellers and even make new friends. As you will likely have a common travel and carefree mindset, this is likely to spark some interesting conversations. You will find both tourists and locals on board so you are sure to interact with people from all walks of life, making this an excellent chance for you to socialise and expand your network. 

Commuting to work 

Let’s not forget the workforce of the island, whose presence on buses has increased considerably over the years due to the general improvement and infrastructure of the bus network in Cyprus. Choosing to take the bus to work can help you avoid the stress and hassle of having to drive through the dreaded rush hour traffic. Many find themselves even gaining an additional hour or so of sleep on one of the comfy bus seats. 


Ultimately, using a bus as your means of travel can be a relaxing, exciting and stress free experience and a very comfortable way of exploring the many attractions of the island. It doesn’t matter if you are a culture enthusiast, an eco-friendly traveller or a student on a tight budget, travelling around Cyprus by bus can be a beneficial option for all.

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