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Guide: How to Translate Your Travel Documents

Although traveling today may seem a long-forgotten dream, it’s not entirely like that. Besides, as you travel, there are much more practical and immediate things to think about. Whatever journey you plan and no matter how well you plan it, there is always a risk that something might go wrong and set your whole trip down the hill. Some minor documents left behind, hotel reservation number forgotten and being hard to retrieve, or just random overwhelming anxiety over the possibly not locked door or the stove left on. Yet, one of these things that deserve particular attention is the documents and their preparedness for your trip.


The Importance of Document Translation

Surely, there is a number of ways to handle the potential practical challenges described above. You can call a friend or a relative and ask them to check your apartment. You can search through your email or browser history for that hotel reservation when you need it. Yet, with documents, it won’t be as easy as that. Especially when you need to show those documents to an official. That could be a customs officer or the local policeman. Yet, in any case, these documents must be with you.


Obviously, the worst situation of them all is the one where you forget the documents needed for your travels. The passport is left out of the question, you will simply not board the plane or even enter your terminal in certain cases. Yet, there might be other documents that grant you an exclusive right to travel to another country, which becomes particularly important right now, when traveling is overall risky and is treated with distrust and suspicion. Most countries are yet unwilling to open their borders and let anyone roam freely. You might often need a good reason for your travels aside from “just seeing places.” Such a reason can, of course, be confirmed or supported only by some kind of a special document. Which gets us very well to the next point.


The document that grants you a good reason for traveling can, in fact, be anything. This could be a paper from your university confirming that you are a student there, a wedding invitation, or even a note from a relative that they need your help or assistance. To make sure such kind of document is clear for the customs, it’s rather reasonable to have it translated. In some cases, you might even need to translate your passport to enter the country, so various handwritten notes are out of the question. But how can you achieve a good result at travel document translation? If you think about it, it’s not the easiest task. So, here are a few tips that might help you with that and, subsequently, with your traveling experience.


  • Analyze your documents. Look through the documents that you need to translate carefully. Should they all be translated after all? Maybe, you need some other documents to translate? Are documents handwritten or typed? Should they be physical or digital? Also, think about the country you plan to visit. What’s this country’s policy regarding document translation?
  • Mind the format. Think about the language pair for your document translation. Are those the two European languages? Or maybe they differ significantly to the point that the original has the left-to-right orientation and the translation has to have the right-to-left orientation? This is very important not only for the translation itself but also for the final look of your document and its subsequent material manifestation.
  • Trust the professionals. The translation of your documents must be not only precise but also legally certified, which can only be done by an appropriate specialist. Check out this expert review of TheWordPoint to see why it’s particularly important. Legal matters (which the documents are) require legal solutions.
  • Don’t account for less. While it might seem that you don’t need to translate some of the documents, the irony might play a bad joke on you. So, make sure you do just a little bit more than enough work in order to experience your travels fully.


Better Safe than Sorry

Obviously, it’s better to check as much as possible before you leave home to go to the airport and board the plane to your dreamed destination. Although it might bring in some additional stress and anxiety, just believe when you hear it, it’s much less stress and anxiety than if you really forget something. The same goes for translation. Make sure it covers your documents fully and that a trusted professional is working on it. Then you’ll be at least 99% safe.



Throughout his career, Mark Blackwood has traveled, researched, written, and shared much. With his interests spanning from traveling to work and modern lifestyle, he can provide more tips than, perhaps, any of his readers can imagine. And that’s one of the most essential things to adapt to this super-dynamic and ever-changing world.

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