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Limassol District Archeological Museum

  Места для посещения на автобусе   Лимассол  Туристические достопримечательности

Limassol District Archeological Museum was founded in 1948 and is near the Limassol Public Gardens. It houses an interesting collection of antiquities found in the City and the District of Limassol area. The visitors can follow the development of civilisation in the island from the Preneolithic Period to Lare Roman Early Christian Period. In Room I the exhibition consists of artefacts from the Preneolithic site of Akrotiri where evidence for the earliest human activity on the island has been revealed. The representative material of the Early Bronge Age period and the Middle Bronze Age derives mainly from the City itself where the exploitation and smelting of copper initiated. The Late Bronze Age represents development where apart from the ceramic products visitors can see imported Mycenean vases. Furthermore, The Limassol Museum is housing the material from Amathus and its surrounding settlements and sanctuaries. 

Limassol District Archeological Museum
    Limassol District Archeological Museum

Рядом с автобусными остановками
   Анастасиу Сиукри - Муниципальный сад
   Грива Дигени - Калогриес
   Архиепископа Макария III - Эфтапато
   Грива Дигени - суд Максимос
   Агиу Андреу - Остановка 1
   Архиепископа Макария III - кафе Коста
   Гладстонос - Неон Фалирон
   Архиепископа Макария III - поселок Эсперия
   28-го Октября - G.S.O.

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