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How to Find the Best Document Translator for Traveling in 2020

Just as the world has started becoming closer and more connected, something has gone terribly wrong and the world faced one of the most devastating and challenging pandemics ever. As 2020 hit the calendar, nearly all civilized countries not only closed down their borders for any kind of foreign entries but also the life itself has seemingly stopped for a while. We witnessed empty streets, brutal social isolation, and nearly a complete lack of public entertainment. Fast forward six months later and we can now travel and experience new things just about how we could do before. Although some precautions still exist, safe traveling is now possible, and the whole thing with the lockdown allowed us to reassess some things. Nevertheless, as the traveling was restored, we were able to re-encounter the same old problems that existed long before the pandemic.


The Problems Before Coronavirus

Whatever journey you plan, whatever country you go to, and no matter how well you could have been prepared before 2020, you could still stumble upon a probability of facing traveling issues that are as old as traveling itself. Any customs could deny you entrance because you could have forgotten some of the documents while worrying whether you left the stove working. Or you could have lost the number of your hotel reservation. Or what could be even worse than any of that, you would not be able to tell the locals what you need just because you don’t speak the local language and don’t have the time to search for a good translation app.


Perhaps, the worst situation of them all could be not being able to find a great document translator. Translating documents well does matter and it’s a very serious thing. The translation has to be precise, correspond with all standards, regulations, and legislation, and, finally, have some kind of legal weight. Otherwise, you might be turned over at the border without any other questions asked. But what if you don’t have time to search for a good translator? Surely, that takes some time if you don’t know how to look. But here are a couple of tips that can help you with this.


  • Consider your needs. Before you even start searching, you must understand what you need. You can’t get a fast, good, and cheap translation at the same time. You might find a translator fitting two of these qualities but not all three at once. So, think carefully and have a clear picture of what you need and what you expect.
  • Look for a certified professional. That is the most important thing when it comes to document translation. Certified translators are eligible to provide document translations, so you won’t have any legal issues per se. Such professionals can be relatively easily found online at and similar platforms. The great thing about TheWordPoint in particular is that they are absolute leaders and don’t charge much for such services as the great quality doesn’t always cost a fortune.
  • Look for a moderately fast translation. Don’t fall into the swift translation trap, even if you need your documents to be translated quickly. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Try planning document translation beforehand, so that you could have at least a couple of days or a week at minimum for your translation to be done well.
  • Check your language service providers. Again, always better safe than sorry, especially when you address the translation services for the first time. Check out what other people think, take a look at the online translation services reviews to know whether the specialist or agency you picked provides a good experience. If the customers say it does then you’re right on spot.


The Same Old Challenges, the Same Solutions

Although pandemic does not essentially cancel our ability to travel, it still manages to pile up along with the old challenges. Still, luckily, the solutions for these new challenges can always be discovered and older solutions can be rediscovered. The most important thing is to not be afraid of change as it always brings out the positive and the negative, keeping the everlasting balance in life.



Mark Blackwood is a successful traveler, researcher, blogger, and writer. Focusing primarily on the various aspects and positions our world is rich for, Mark seeks to find the ultimate balance between the countless opinions and worldviews he researches. Yet, making sure that others understand these differences and learn something new is the main goal for him.

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