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Protaras is a predominantly tourist resort. It comes under the administrative jurisdiction of Paralimni Municipality. In ancient times, where now Protaras seems to be located stood the old city-state of Leukolla. The city possessed a small safe harbour where the Athenian Demetrius Poliorketes in the year 306 B.C. sought refuge, lying in wait for Ptolemeos, one of the successors of Alexander the Great. In the ensuing battle Ptolemeos was defeated and fled to Egypt, leaving Cyprus for a while in the hands of Demetrius.

Protaras has lovely, sandy beaches with clear sky-blue waters and the most well known beach in the area is Fig Tree Bay. Protaras is also referred to as "the land of windmills" maintaining the nostalgic quality of the past.

On the back of the success of Ayia Napa (which is only a few km away), it has exploded into a resort of considerable size with tens of high capacity hotels, hotel apartments, villas, restaurants, pubs and all sorts of facilities a modern holiday resort ought to have. Being quieter than Ayia Napa and having less of a club scene, it has a reputation of catering more for family and Cypriot tourism.

Protaras Beach
    Protaras Beach

Πλησιεστερες στασεις λεωφορειου
   Πρωταρά - Παραλία Sunrise
   Πρωταρά - Παραλία Βρυσί
   Λεωφ. Πρωταρά - Κάβο Γκρέκο - 11η Στάση
   Λεωφ. Πρωταρά - Κάβο Γκρέκο - 14η Στάση
   Πρωταρά - Κόλπος Fig Tree
   Λεωφ. Πρωταρά - Κάβο Γκρέκο - Διονύσου

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