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Larnaca Airport to Protaras by Bus

The following article explains how you can travel to Protaras from Larnaca airport using public transport buses.

To travel using public transport buses from Larnaca airport to Protaras involves catching a bus from Larnaca airport to Larnaca city and then changing at Finikoudes bus stop for a bus to Protaras. There is no direct public transport bus from Larnaca airport to Protaras.

There are frequent bus services to use during the day but please be aware that services are less frequent in the evening and no services will be available during night hours.

Larnaca Airport Bus Stops

The bus stop at Larnaca airport is found just outside the airport building. There are signs as soon as you leave the baggage claim areas which guide you to the bus stop.

Buses from Larnaca Airport to Larnaca City

The following buses are available from the airport and all can be used to travel to Larnaca City. All these buses will stop at Finikoudes.

Cost for the journey from Larnaca airport to Finikoudes is 1.50 Euro.

Buses from Larnaca to Protaras

Once you arrive at Finikoudes you can then use bus 711 to Protaras.

Bus 711

Bus 711 is a Famagusta bus which stops at several bus stops in Larnaca and Famagusta Area. The approximate travel time for Protaras is 110 minutes. The cost for a ticket is 1.50 Euro. See details about bus 711, including time schedules, at

Cost And Booking

The total cost for the journey from Larnaca airport to Protaras will be 3.00 Euros per person.

Seats cannot be booked in advance and tickets can be bought from the bus driver before using the service.

Checking Availability

To check availability of buses to Protaras at the time of your arrival at the airport click on the following link and provide your arrival date and time

Private minibus or coach hire

If travelling in a group you can hire a minibus or a coach for this transfer. For more details check our minibus or coach hire services.

Alternative to buses - Taxi Service

An alternative to the public transport buses is to use a taxi. The cost to Ayia Napa for a 4 seat taxi will be 53.00 Euros and 75.00 Euros for a 6 seat taxi. To book a taxi service complete our booking enquiry form.

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