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Travel Guides For Your Vacations

Автор CyprusByBus от 14 января 2020 г.
There is nothing more exciting than going on vacation during the college break or when you are an exchange student in the middle of a totally new cultural environment. Either way, there are many things to consider like budget, location, the things to watch, good restaurants to check out, hotel booking, time of the year, and the number of days. It is one of the reasons why a smart person always ...

5 Tips How to Travel a Lot if you are a Student

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Автор CyprusByBus от 5 декабря 2019 г.
Life for students is hard, both financially and in an educational sense. You’ll often struggle to get things done, which is the cause for continuous frustration and exhaustion. After months of study, your body and mind will be in a desperate need for some rest. This is why one of the best advices anyone can give you is to travel as often as you can, and escape the overload caused by your ...

Unmissable Sailing Destinations In Cyprus

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Автор CyprusByBus от 26 сентября 2019 г.
Cyprus experienced a record high for the number of tourist arrivals in August 2019 (553,845 in total which is a 3.6% rise from last August). Many tourists come to Cyprus for the unique and enjoyable sailing opportunities. With warm weather, stable winds, beautiful scenery, and calm waters, sailing is an unmissable experience on this Eastern Mediterranean ...

How to Plan for a Perfect Cyprus Vacation

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Автор CyprusByBus от 7 июня 2019 г.
The boom in the Cyprus tourist industry shows no signs of slowing down with a 14.5 percent increase of visitors in 2018 and experiencing record numbers of tourists to the island during the last three years. This stunning island located in the Mediterranean has an abundance of crystal clear water beaches, pine forest mountain regions, historical architecture and warm, local hospitality suitable ...

Things that every coffee enthusiast should experience while in Cyprus

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Автор CyprusByBus от 6 мая 2019 г.
Many people travel to Cyprus to experience its ancient sites like the Kourion, old castles and stunning views. But what many don’t know is that Cyprus has a lot to offer for the coffee lover. In this article, we’ll tell you about the unique Cypriot way of brewing coffee which is based on old, ancient traditions.After that, we’ll go over some of the most popular coffee shops in Cyprus.Let’s get to ...

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