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Tech-Savvy Tips for Photo-Taking in Cyprus

“Instagrammability” has been noted as being the most important factor for millennials in choosing a travel destination, which is great since Cyprus is such a photogenic island. One of the great things about travelling by bus is that you are free to look around and visually explore all of the wonderful sights that make Cyprus so beautiful. In order to capture those moments, however, you’ll want to know how to get the best shots, what to pack and how to store those memories in a safe place.

Find the Perfect Photo Spot 

When hopping on and off the bus in Cyprus, you might wonder where to take the best photo. While the answer to this really is anywhere, as there’s breathtaking beauty all around, photo experts can provide insight into that from an artistic standpoint. For stunning photos of popular landmarks like Kourion or Amathus, try to avoid taking the photos with people in them. This allows people to focus on the ruins or buildings themselves without being distracted. In general, professional photographers who have taken high-quality photos of Cyprus recommend focusing on the rule of thirds as well as the composition of the photo rather than trying to find the perfect tourist spot to snap a quick picture.

Make Room for Lots of Photos 

There’s nothing worse than being ready to take a photo of the most perfect photo of the Cypriot sunrise and not having space on your phone or camera to do so. Before going on holiday, it’s important to either have enough memory cards on hand to store your photos or to upgrade your cloud storage plan. If you’re taking photos on your iPhone, for example, you’ll want to be sure you have your phone synced to the Cloud in order to avoid using up all of the available storage. With memory cards being so powerful nowadays, you can even find fairly priced SD memory cards that store up to 64PB, which is 64 million gigabytes. Even for the most avid photo takers, that should be more than enough to cover all of your storage needs on a trip to Cyprus.

Protect Your Tech

Cyprus is a very safe place to travel, but you’ll still want to protect your photography gear from the elements, especially the water. Waterproof cases are especially important for phones and cameras that you’ll be taking out on boats, with you on hikes that might include treading through water. Protect your gadgets by either investing in a waterproof case or by carrying Ziploc bags with you wherever you go. If you want to get especially great shots of the underwater life on a snorkelling trip in Cyprus, a waterproof GoPro or simple waterproof phone case will do just the trick while yielding professional-quality photos.

Enjoy the Moment

When searching for the perfect shot, it’s easy to forget about the moment as you’re living it. Focusing on enhancing your travel photo taking skills is a great way to remember the trip, but it’s also important to remember to take time out to put the camera or phone away and enjoy the simple beauty that is Cyprus.

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