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  Места для посещения на автобусе   Лимассол  Туристические достопримечательности

Curium was a city in Cyprus and stands on a cliff top at the outskirts of Limassol. On the top of the hill you can have the Mediterranean at your feet. It was originally built during the Hellenistic period and was used for theatres and other culture events. During the Roman period the theatre was converted to host gladiator contests. Beneath the last row of seats there is a doorway from where the wild animals were guided in the arena for the fights.

While visiting Curium people have also the opportunity to visit the large public baths, near the Eustolios House, which had both hot and warm water, the House of Achilles, the House of Gladiators and the Fountain House.

Nowadays, this Greco-Roman theatre is used for musical and theatrical events.

Curium Theater
    Curium Theater
Curium ruins
    Curium ruins

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