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5 Tips How to Travel a Lot if you are a Student

Life for students is hard, both financially and in an educational sense. You’ll often struggle to get things done, which is the cause for continuous frustration and exhaustion. After months of study, your body and mind will be in a desperate need for some rest. This is why one of the best advices anyone can give you is to travel as often as you can, and escape the overload caused by your assignments.

Nowadays, there are many options for travel for student. If you plan everything in time and consider your budget wisely, you can find amazing offers that allow for students travel on a budget. Thanks to cheap flights, destinations, and accommodation options available now, traveling on a student budget is more than possible. Here are five tips for student traveling you should know of.

1.Take Care of Things at Home

Before you plan any kind of travel, you need to ensure that you’ve handled everything back at home. This way, you won’t have to miss deadlines or skip your important assignments, or work on tasks while you should be scouring the new destinations.

Any excuse you have for missing travel, take care of it as soon as possible. Study for the next exams before and after your vacation, give your written projects to to finish, and make sure that you know exactly how much time you can afford to spend away.

2. Choose Your Destination

One of the most challenging things about student travel is choosing the destination. With the desire to visit some of the most popular places on Earth, students have to forget about a vacation because of the high costs.


It doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to travel to the most popular places at their peak season – it is simply not cost-effective. While visiting places like the luxurious islands in Greece, or the costly cities in Italy and Switzerland may be on the top of your bucket list, you probably won’t be able to go there at a point where you have so many expenses.

This doesn’t even have to be the case. If you go during the off-season, even such locations can be cheap. But, if you really want to save some money and spend your entire vacation traveling, you need to choose between the budget-friendly travel locations, such as places in Central America, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia.

3. Find Cheap Flights

To find cheap flights, you need to do more than just detect the ‘shoulder season’ or the ‘off-season’, when flights are cheapest. Prices of flights will depend on the companies you choose, what’s included, as well as when you book your flight. This is why, once you pick a destination, you should start tracking the flights and accommodation prices as soon as possible. When you find a really cheap deal for both, you need to purchase it as soon as possible.

There are some great apps that will help you do this, such as Skyscanner or Kiwi. These give you access to all commercial flights from airports from all around the world, including connected flights, too.

4.Become Accommodation-Savvy

Ideally, you should lock in a nice accommodation and an affordable flight deal at the same time. Look for the combination of the two before you buy your plane ticket or book your accommodation. Many students rush into buying a very cheap plane ticket to only realize that the accommodation is costly for that period.

Accommodation costs can be astronomical if you don’t eliminate luxurious hotels and costly villas. When it comes to cheap accommodation, you might want to consider hostels and some private-owned, small bed and breakfast accommodations. You can even go on sites like Airbnb and spend your vacation in someone else’s apartment or room in their home. Many people offer this nowadays, and it’s extremely affordable.


5.Search for Alternatives

When I say alternatives, I mean travel exchanges and volunteer programs. Volunteering programs are an amazing way to visit marvellous places without spending a fortune. You don’t have to look for a paid internship – simply a volunteering opportunity that combines free accommodation and preferably, some meals.

There are plenty of organizations worldwide that provide bed and food as compensation for voluntary work. This way, you’d be doing something useful and traveling the world at the same time.

Or, you can look for those exchange programs and switch your home with someone like-minded. There are plenty of people who want to travel on a budget, and they use platforms like Couchsurfing and HomeExchange.


I hope that these five tips will help you find the perfect trips for your college years. This is a great chance for you to travel. Being a student comes with many responsibilities, but it is also the time of your life when you’re free of family and work obligations. So, when you actually have the time and the opportunity to travel, why miss out on this amazing chance?

Author’s Bio

Bobbie Sanchez is a travel agent and a tourist guide who works for a company based in the US. He organizes trips for people who like to travel and accompanies them on their trips, showing them around and helping them grasp the beauty of each location. According to Bobbie, traveling is the best way to spend your days.

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