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Things that every coffee enthusiast should experience while in Cyprus

Many people travel to Cyprus to experience its ancient sites like the Kourion, old castles and stunning views. But what many don’t know is that Cyprus has a lot to offer for the coffee lover. In this article, we’ll tell you about the unique Cypriot way of brewing coffee which is based on old, ancient traditions.

After that, we’ll go over some of the most popular coffee shops in Cyprus.

Let’s get to it!

What’s Special about Cypriot Coffee?

We normally recommend bringing your own coffee gear when you travel such as the Wacaco Minipresso. BUT when you’re on Cyprus you should definitely give your kit a break, and try the local coffee instead.

Cypriot coffee is different from the usual coffee you’d get in Europe. It’s brewed based on old principles and traditions. This includes using small copper pots called ‘Mbrikia’ to brew delicious coffee made from Brazilian coffee beans. This results in a delicious but strong coffee, which they serve with a glass of water.

At the bottom of the cup, a thick layer of coffee remains will form. This is not something that you should drink, but it has another use. Fortune tellers have been, and are still using the remains as a way of predicting the future. Whether you believe in this or not, it’s actually a fun experience to have a fortune teller predict your future like this on your vacation. Definitely, something I’d recommend trying!

If you want to try brewing Cypriot coffee from home, I can recommend watching the YouTube video found here.

5 Amazing Coffee Shops to Experience in Cyprus

  • BREW LAB in Nicosia
  • BREW LAB is an amazing small shop that focuses on specialty coffee. They have a focus on helping the individual customer find their preferred brewing method and choice of beans.

    The place is known for providing high-quality coffee and providing a cool atmosphere, where you can work, chat with your friends or just get a break. Definitely, a must-try if you are passionate about coffee.

  • Coffeehouse TasteHabitat in Nicosia
  • The staff here is known for being extremely friendly while providing high-quality coffee and juices. The atmosphere of the place is amazing, and it’s a very inspiring and beautiful place to enjoy your beloved coffee.

  • Arabica Coffee House in Paphos
  • If you’re in Paphos you should consider stopping at Arabica Coffee House. As of writing this, they have 4.6/5 ratings on Google reviews, and this is reflected in the coffee they brew. Definitely, a must-try if you are in Paphos or nearby.

  • Costa Coffee in Limassol
  • This coffee company is known for providing online ordering and delivery of coffee. How awesome is that? If you’ve spent all day going to tourist attractions and the beach, there’s nothing better than a nice cuppa coffee delivered straight to your doorstep.

    Their actual coffee shop is also an inspiring place to be. Not a bad café to check out if you’re in Limassol.

  • Puku / Organic Specialty Coffee in Strovolos
  • This coffee shop provides excellent, delicious coffee while focusing on being environmentally friendly. Their coffee is amazing which is also reflected in their 5/5 Facebook rating based on 62 customers. This place is specifically known for great customer support and smiling employees that will love to brew your next cup of coffee.


    Many travelers don’t think about coffee when they think about Cyprus which is a shame. This country truly has a lot to offer for the coffee lover and explorer. Whether that is to try the local Cypriot coffee or your favorite latte, this country has it all.

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